The Swedish Arbitration Days 2010

About the conference

Time16-17 September 2010, 18.00-20.00 CET

PlaceNäringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm

Damages and other relief in International Arbitration

The Swedish Arbitration Days 2010 will bring together leading international arbitration practitioners, well-known arbitrators, scholars, forensic evaluation experts and accounting experts in the appraisal of damages, among others, to discuss the issues of damages and other relief in international arbitration, including:

  • What should counsel think about and what are arbitrators to do?
  • Evaluation of compensation
  • Burden and standard of proof
  • Does the relief differ depending on the judicial context?
  • Specific performance and other forms of relief

The prominent speakers and panelists include (in order of appearance):

  • Mr. Jan Paulsson
  • Mr. Hans Bagner
  • Mr. Mark Baker
  • Ms. Teresa Cheng SC
  • Mr. Patrick Maher
  • Mr. Jean-Claude Najar
  • Prof. Franco Ferrari
  • Mr. Matthew Weiniger
  • Mr. Gregory K. Bell
  • Mr. David Saunders
  • Mr. Wolfgang Kühn
  • Mr. Robin Oldenstam
  • Mr. Jeffrey Hertzfeld
  • Ms. Nayla Comair-Obeid
  • Mr. Vladimir Khvalei
  • Prof. Richard Kreindler
  • Mr. José Rosell
  • Mr. Daniel Hochstrasser
  • Mr. Michael Davison
  • Ms. Gisela Knuts
  • Mr. Charles Kaplan
  • Mr. Johnny Herre
  • Prof. Em. Jan Ramberg
  • Prof. Ewan McKendrick
  • Mr. Christoph Liebscher
  • Mr. Donald F. Donovan
  • Mr. Stephen Jagusch
  • Mr. Mark Kantor
  • Ms. Sabine Konrad
  • Mr. Christer Söderlund