About the conference

On 8-9 September 2016 the Swedish Arbitration Association will host its biennial international conference Swedish Arbitration Days. The event will take place at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The topic of the Swedish Arbitration Days 2016 will be Contractual issues in international arbitration.
In the increasingly complex world of international arbitration jurisdictional and other procedural issues sometimes take precedence over the substantial issues in dispute. It is easily forgotten that the very basics for disputes in international arbitration is the contract and the interpretation and application thereof. The primary task for Tribunals is, and should be, to resolve disputes by interpreting and applying contracts on the basis of arguments and evidence presented to it.
This year’s Swedish Arbitration Days will focus on contractual issues in international arbitration. What would be the driving force in the Tribunal’s contractual interpretation? How should interruptions in a contract relationship due to changed circumstances or extraordinary events be handled? Would it be possible to disregard the parties agreed limitation of liability or to bring extra-contractual claims to the arbitration? These questions and more will be discussed in various sessions with panels including some of the most prominent experts in international arbitration.
We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm.
Organizing Committee
Christer Danielsson, Krister Azelius, Mattias Göransson, Sophie Nappert, Matthew Weiniger, Anders Reldén, Philippe Pinsolle, José Rosell, Charlotta Falkman, Tatyana Slipachuk and Pontus Ewerlöf